Receip Cooking the Lemang

Lemang, or Minangkabau (West Sumatera) and Jambi Sumatera people have called Lamang. Lemang is a food made from glutinous base material that is inserted into the bamboo that has been coated with a young banana leaves. Therefore, the term ‘Malamang’ is made by means of mutual cooperation lemang is usually done by a group of people or relatives. Typically, a few days before the month of Ramadhan (Moeslim).

Then lemang that have been made, are provided for the guests who attended the event, or just as a regular snack. But there are also some people, which makes lemang only for his own benefit. For example, only to be consumed, or sold in the market.

Unique Ways to nenyantap lemang usually is in addition to, or a mixture of fermented black rice, rendang, or some even eat it with durian.




The materials needed to make lemang are as follows:
– 2 cups glutinous rice
– 4 cups coconut milk
– pandan leaves
– banana leaf
– Water
– bamboo

How to Make Lemang:
– Add the coconut milk a little salt and stir-adulkah let mixed or dissolved
– Pandan leaves cut into pieces 3 cm
– Wrap the sticky rice as much as 2 tablespoons, coconut milk 4 tablespoons, and 1 piece of pandan leaves with banana leaves (if using banana leaves)
– Put the rice that is mixed into spices and coconut milk and bamboo lid back with a banana leaf, bamboo then roasted on the fire. (Using bamboo)

Using bamboo burned enough alone

Saucepan with water, then put on the fire and let the water boil
Input packets earlier in the steamer Cook until done.
Lemang at ready to serve.

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